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How has the platform upgrade improved ConnectedCoaches? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: Bugs and Issues

How has the platform upgrade improved ConnectedCoaches?

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  • robertkmaaye

    Hi All.

    You may have noticed we have just upgraded the ConnectedCoaches platform.

    I thought it might be helpful to point just a few of the new features that hopefully you’ll find useful.

    It’s sometimes not possible to pick up everything (and given the nature of the upgrade random bugs will present themselves…they already have see box at the end of this post!) so if you do happen to spot any bugs or issues please do let me know by replying to this thread or if you have my email address just email me directly.

    Bookmarking content

    You can now bookmark you favourite content e.g. blogs, videos from the content or the activity stream and can access your bookmarked content from your My Account section. These are saved shortcuts that you can utilize to save time and effort in searching.

    Bookmarking from the activity stream


    Booking marking from the blog itself

    bookmark in the content

    Bookmarks are stored in the My Account section

    my content

    Please note you can only access your bookmarked content on desktop or tablets. Unfortunately this is not yet viewable on mobile. You can though bookmark content on mobile and view later on desktop and tablet.

    Comment, Bookmark and Follow Content from the more streamlined Activity Stream

    You can now comment, bookmark and follow content directly from any of the activity streams (e.g. my account, group and profile). I would say that given it’s the suppliers newest version of the platform it can be a bit buggy so when replying to conversations it’s still best to go into the conversation and reply that way. There is more functionality when you do this as well e.g. quoting parts of the question, adding pictures, embedding videos etc. Plus you can also now @mention (tag) people inside the WYSIWYG editor.

    You’ll also notice replies and comments aren’t displayed on the Activity Stream unless you click the speech bubble when the thread is then opened up on the stream.

    activity stream image 1

    Comments opened

    activity stream image 2

    My content

    Your interactions (e.g. conversations started/replied to, comments to blogs posted etc) on ConnectedCoaches are viewable from the ‘My content’ section in ‘My Home’.

    my content

    Search engine improvements

    Content in quick search in the header: In addition to the group and user matches, the search tool in the header will now suggest the top 5 best content matches for your search text (not on mobiles unfortunately). 

    search engine

    Daily Digest email

    We have now removed ‘likes’ from the daily digest.

    Weekly Digest email

    Members can now choose to receive daily and/or weekly digests. The new weekly digest main focus is on new content in the Groups instead of activity e.g. conversations started in the groups this week. If you would prefer not to receive them you can opt out via the preferences tab in your profile.

    Activity Ticker

    On the right hand side of your screens there is now an activity ticker on both the desktop and tablet responsive versions of the site (unfortunately not available for mobile). The ticker will show the latest activity on ConnectedCoaches e.g. a reply to a conversation 

    activity ticker

    New to coaching group

    We have also added a ‘New to Coaching’ group where those new to coaching can discuss the specific challenges they face as well as pick up tips from helpful blogs. If you’re a more seasoned coach, you might like to join to share your experiences/offer advice where you feel you can help your less experienced counterparts. To get things started in the group, members David Turner  and  Emma Tomlinson  have passed on their advice in ‘How to negotiate your first baby steps as a coach’. Why not check it out and see if there are any tips you can share by adding a comment at the end?

    Convert blogs to PDF

    In the previous platform version of ConnectedCoaches, you could only export wikis?to PDF. You can now export blogs to PDF as well.

    Vimeo video sharing

    You can now add Vimeo video URLs in the different group’s video section

    There are a few others but I think these might be the ones that benefit you the most.

    As I said earlier if you do happen to spot any bugs or issues please do let me know by replying to this thread or if you have my email address just email me directly.



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