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Posted in: Coaching Top Tips
  • Ralph

    A colleague of mine from a martial art, insists all his athletes (8-14y-olds) sign a contract, that states all members have to do household chores as part thanks and payment for their parent paying for the lessons and equipment.

    What do you think? Good, Bad, non of his business?

  • IanMahoney

    Is your colleague running a boot camp?

    Why are 8-14 years old doing a martial art? --- because they want to as hobby and later on maybe a professional.

    It is well known fact, getting children helping with chores at a very age age by pubity there are doing things freely as they have doing this chore for year.

    Its fair to mention it to the children by stating that discipline at the home will help their confidence and discipline when training/competing.

    I was a rebellious child and if my coach had bullied ne about my private home life, I wouldn't have come back .

    In the last few years at school pupils learn the importance of doing duties and learn that money doesn't grow on trees and maybe doing a Saturday job can help with their own kit.

    I wish you colleague every success in retaining his athletes!

  • JonWoodward74

    Interesting post Ralph - I have heard of 'contracts' being signed before, but relating to the agreements between the responsibilities of the coach and players. There are also cases, most notably in the film Coach Carter, where student athletes have to agree to contracts around grade point averages..... This is an interesting one from both a coach and a parent perspective (and I am both!). My gut reaction is that it is none of the coach's business at this extreme level, but seeds and thoughts could be planted around this area. I encourage (insist?) that players within my sessions understand how to pack away the equipment, and it is the responsibility of the group to do so, much as I do with my daughters at home. I am a big believer in the development of good habits around how sport can develop you as a person, but as a defined contract, I am not sure on this.... It does remind of something I tell my girls most days, around the importance of making your bed in the morning - you always have somewhere to return to in the evening, and it is good to have completed a job in the morning, as explained wonderfully here -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgzLzbd-zT4 - well worth watching the full speech. Where this starts is different from child to child, from family to family but sport can be used to reiterate these, but I think there are other positive ways than a contract!

  • Ralph

    good questions Ian,

    no boot camp but a very successful MA club and has the lowest drop our rate, i've ever seen.

    most kids do MA for self protection and self confidence. a big problem in London.

    i agree with your 3 sentence, humans are creatures of habit.

    i agree with your 4th sentence, it seems this is common practice in combat sports, i've seen the same advice been given at boxing clubs, and girl/boy cadets and scouts. my colleague just doesn't wait until the last few years of school.

    my colleague never bullies. also rebels need not apply in MA, someone will get hurt.

  • Ralph

    great comments Jon,

    i've never had a mind to write a contract or give stipulations outside the club,

    maybe combat sports are different, they require high levels of ORDER?

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