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Posted in: Coaching Top Tips

Cricket Coach requires Help

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  • Richard_Smith

    I am a cricket coach, who in the early part of 2018 will commence his UKCC Level 2 Coaching Children in Cricket Certificate 

    Are there Any Qualified Cricket coaches in the land of Connected Coaches that may have the modular descriptors that they would be willing to share with me 
    If Not, can some point me in the right direction for the information requested 


  • andrewb62

    Hi Richard

    welcome to connectedcoaches.

    I don’t have the current modular descriptions (I qualified in 2011, under a previous UKCC scheme), and it does seem that the information you asked for is not readily available.

    tbh I’m not sure how helpful the full descriptions would be - in my experience, the tutors will cover everything you need but might tailor the delivery to the group - some elements might get covered in great detail if the participants need the support, whilst others could be dealt with more quickly.

    I came across a generic description of the level 2 modules on the Wilts Cricket site (https://www.wiltshirecricket.co.uk/coaches/courses/ukcc2-ecb-certificates-in-coaching-cricket/) but this could be out of date - the reference to the “Howzat! Resource” suggests that the page might not have been revised for a couple of years (Howzat! was replaced by iCoach 18 months ago).

    I do know that the delivery of the level 2 course has been reviewed since it was launched (attempts to streamline the sessions and incorporate compulsory SYC & first aid elements) and that alternative assessments have been trialled, but the content is probably still largely as described above (or the qualification would potentially have lost its UKCC accreditation).

    Hope this helps a little.

    Do enjoy the course.

  • Richard_Smith

    Hi Andrew & thank you for your response to my shout out for Info 

    I will have a look at the information on the link you posted and hopefully it will help in my Preparation for my course which starts at the end of Jan 2018 

    Thanks again  

  • Philk

    Hi Richard,

    I am a tutor for the course and currently running two for different County Boards. Essentially there are 8 modules and each board will organise them over different time scales. Most will run two 3 hour modules a day, some will run single modules in the evening.

    Suggest you check the dates you have been given by your board.

    There will be some elearning and you will have access to icoach an online resource. Check carefully log on details that will be emailed to you.  It will be useful if you log on before the first day.

    You will be expected to run 6 coaching sessions at your club . They should be aware of this and have a coach to support you.


    Phi Knappett,

  • Richard_Smith

    HI Phil & thanks for the response to my post 

    The information you've given me is my understanding of the Lv2 coaching children in cricket certificate. I have checked with my local board (Cricket Scotland in my case) and they have confirmed that the course will run over two weekends ( 1 at end of Jan 2018, the other at the start of March 2018) 

    I have already spoken with my club and they have already agreed to assist in the practical coaching element of the course 

    I have also been made aware that if assistance is required with the Elearning aspect I should approach my local development officer 

    thanks again for responding 

  • Philk

    Sounds good hope you enjoy the course. My only observation would be that it's quite a short period of time to fit in 6 coaching sessions . After each session you will get feedback from your level 2 coach and using that you plan the next session. You cannot plan all six and run them without the evaluation and reflection on what are the needs of the children.


  • Richard_Smith
    On 29/11/17 9:28 PM, Phil Knappett said:

    My only observation would be that it's quite a short period of time to fit in 6 coaching sessions .

    Phil, with the above statement It would appear you have misunderstood me. My Course is due b4 the Start of the playing season & therefore my Club coaching will not commence till the start of the playing season, which up here in Scotland is normally about April time 

    In relation to the course, I have to admit that I am really looking forward to it, enhancing the knowledge of the game and its coaching that I already posses.   

    The upcoming course, for me is aslo an opportunity to network with like minded people that find themselves on a similiar coaching journey to myself 

  • Philk

    Hi Richard ,

    I have read your dates '  the course will run over two weekends ( 1 at end of Jan 2018, the other at the start of March 2018) ' as meaning 4 days in total and I assumed that it would be a 6 hour session rather then 3 hour.  The normal length of a Level 2 is 8 three hour modules.


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