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Welcome and General

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  • pippaglen

    Hi guy's I just love coaching,  as a multi sports coach going from athletics to basketball I have found very difficult to pick up, although they have the same principles,  running jumping and throwing I have found it very difficult to pick basketball up.  I passed my level 2 basketball at the beginning of February but still struggling with a few things, I'm attending a course this Sunday in nottingham as part of my CPD which I think I might be a little out of my comfort zone as I know that the coaches there will have far more experience and many years of experience, I really don't feel good enough to be there yet I know that this will help me gain more knowledge and experience. 

    How can I overcome this as a coach,  All coaches within the club are males and I feel I'm not good enough as a newly qualified basketball coach to attend. 

    I have done much research,  download books to try and help me,  I feel pretty alone. HELP!!! 😁 please

    Give me athletics and multiskills and I'm ok. 

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Go to the CPD with the mindset that you will focus one or two things you can take away and try in your coaching. If there are lots of things you feel you don't understand well enough then make a list of things to google afterwards that you can follow up in your own time. Maybe look out for someone you could ask to go and observe coaching basketball in the future too. Your experience as a multi skills/athletics coach is valuable and will add to the expertise in the room.

    CPD isn't a test and is a great opportunity to meet other people who could help you :) 

  • smilner

    Hi Emma

    Does it help to know that this is a really common theme among female coaches, so you are not at all alone? As Liz mentioned, you have so much experience to give from a multi skills persective.

    Have you contacted the person running the session to see eactly who is attending? It may be that there are other women there? You may well know one or two faces when you get there anyway. Sport is a very small world!

    Its the same with anything in life - if you dread something it usually turns out to be a lot better than you expected. Go out there and get stuck in. You are a great coach and have proved that already from what you have achieved to date.

    It would be great to hear how you get on. Have a great time!

  • pippaglen

    Thank you guy's your comments are very valuable to me, I haven't been intouch as iv only been sent a text message with a post code,  time,date and venue Not Any other information only 

    I feel the problem is at the moment I'm only coaching 4 years to 11 year olds which at the moment is just the basic of basketball although I do make it fun,  I feel I need to coach older or little more advanced so I don't loose what I have learned so far.

    I've been doing alot of research,  I go to every game the club has as I'm the first aider so I do alot of watching players in game environment. 

    The. Training seems to fall on my working hrs I don't always get time to watch other coaches as I work until 8pm some nights Taking fitness classes.

    I do alot of you tube for ideas. 

    I will go with a positive look and a rather large writing pad. 😁

  • pippaglen

    Thank you Liz,  I'm now going to go with a more open mind. 

    I really do want to learn more and feel that I'm able to go to a basketball session or course with better knowledge on the aspects that I'm struggling with.

    Thanks again regards Em 

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