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Posted in: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD requirements - all sports

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  • RachelWhyatt

    It is now our off season and it is that time for us to re-register as re-train as coaches.  I would be really interested to know what the other NGBs CPD requirements are regarding safeguarding, first aid and other sports specific courses.

    My NGB for ice hockey (EIHA) requires a full year of safeguarding and first aid (3hr course), which means completing them every 2 years to ensure coverage. I've had confirmation that we will allow the online recertification for safeguarding which will help going forward. 

    However, ice-hockey specific courses are a little thin on the ground in this country. CPD requirements are 1 approved course every three years, but safeguarding and first aid counted as CPD.

    Things might be changing for us but it would be good to know:

    a) what requirements your NGB has

    b) what other courses are going on in your area that are non-sport specific eg psychology, nutrition (this may need a different thread)

    c) what your thoughts towards CPD are 

    d) do you prefer class room or online

  • RachelWhyatt

    Just to add on to this, I've been on the IOC Athlete Learning Gateway which I've found to be really useful from a coaching point of view. I've encouraged some of my players to sign up -


    I've asked for CPD points from my NGB but alas, these aren't approved courses. They are free of charge though 😃

  • MatteJHart

    This is very interesting. In gymnastics we take care of our British Gymnastics affiliation annually for insurance and we have to refresh our DBS every three years and our Safeguarding & Protecting Children training needs to be refreshed every three years too.

    That's it. You have your coaching qualifications and you can coach based on them, no matter how old they are.

    As a sport we have recognised the importance of CPD and British Gymnastics have started to talk about "licensing coaches" in the future. I think they are doing a good job at promoting a culture of CPD within gymnastics coaching. There is more going on these days in terms of add-on-modules to existing qualifications, workshops and clinics. I think lots of coaches are getting used to attending things like this now and when coaches need to start collecting CPD points to keep a license active (or however it will work) I ope it will be welcomed by everyone. The difficulty comes with working out how much different people need to do. As we all know, some coaches coach for a living and others as a hobby with less time to give.

    Another consideration is what should count towards officially recognised CPD. I do in-house staff training for my coaches. Besides technical sessions working with participants we cover motivation, goal setting, nutrition, planning training and sport psychology strategies. I don't know how I could evidence things like that to my NGB to count towards officially recognised CPD for my coaches. I am happy to do it for their development first and foremost as opposed towards being officially recognised for anything but for some coaches who are with us purely part time, attending something in-house is far more accessible and realistic than always going somewhere else.

  • RachelWhyatt

    Thanks Matt for your insights, I do think my NGB are over the top with their requirements - just my personal opinion.  We aren't a big organisation and there are probably good reasons why we have to jump through the hoops we need to.  From your comments it seems we are a world apart!

    If we don't "register" as a coach for 3 years, we lose our Level 2 and have to re-sit the Level 1 exam and then re-do the Level 2 course again in full, no matter who you are and how much coaching experience you have behind you. So hearing that you have your qualifications for life is amazing!!

    We also just get given our Level 2 certificate and that's it - no additional coaching assistance, no mentoring, nothing. What you do for your club it is really touching... and it comes down to you caring about your coaches. "Besides technical sessions working with participants we cover motivation, goal setting, nutrition, planning training and sport psychology strategies." Seriously, can I come join one of these sessions?

    I joined a Sports Coach UK webinar about a year ago, and it was all about increasing participants... and coaching is a main factor in that. If you get quality coaches, that are engaged - it will flow through to your players. The tag line at the bottom was "care about your coaches", and I think that is especially true for those who are volunteers and can walk away at any minute.

    I think that your idea of points (like in my profession - accountancy - we have CPD hours) sounds a much better idea than just 1 course (from a very limited supply) every 3 years. I take it someone would need to administer this though. Reading technical materials counts towards my CPD at work, aswell as attending webinars and in-house learning. The question "have you done 1 course in 3 years?" seems an easy thing to monitor.

    Thanks again for your feedback Matt, I'm not sure I can change the world overnight, but its really useful to see how your NGB operates, and then you yourself make sure that your coaches are looked after and developed.

    I would really like to study the differences between various NGBs and their coaching requirements (sounds geeky but I do!)


  • David_T

    Hi Rachel,

    The Safeguarding guidance from the NSPCC's Child Protection in Sport Unit is to renew Safeguarding training every three years.

    This has been made a little easier now by the advent of online renewal too - but not all NGBs are accepting this just yet!


  • andrewb62
    On 24/06/15 09:28, Rachel Whyatt said:

    a) what requirements your NGB has

    ECB Coaches Association

    My primary sport is cricket.

    There is no formal licensing scheme, but as most employers of cricket coaches require membership of the ECB Coaches Assocation this is effectively the coaches license.  Membership also includes personal and employers' liability insurance for the coach.

    Membership can be renewed by any suitably qualified coach who holds current CRB/DBS, Emergency Aid and Safeguarding certificates.

    I don't know how the new DBS update scheme will be implemented, and whether cricket coaches will still be expected to re-apply every three years, as now.

    Emergency Aid and Safeguarding both have to be renewed every three years; I believe that the ECB CA accepts the online Safeguarding renewal.

    There is no requirement to renew the basic coaching qualification, nor is there any requirement for ongoing CPD.

    FA Licensed Coaching Club

    I also hold a football coaching quaification, although I have yet to actually coach any football sessions.

    Annual renewal of the coaching license (membership of the FA Licensed Coaches' Club) requires current DBS, Emergency Aid and Safeguarding, and the completion of three hours approved CPD (for level 1 coaches; 5 hours for level 2 and above) in the year since the previous renewal.

    The FA offer online CPD (live webinars and pre-recordced course material - free) and regional and national conferences and seminars, all counting towards CPD hours.

    They also accept completion of a "self-reflection" questionnaire linked to the "Boot Room", the magazine of the FA Licensed Coaching Club.

    External CPD will be considered, but does not appear to be encouraged.


  • andrewb62
    On 24/06/15 09:28, Rachel Whyatt said:

    c) what your thoughts towards CPD are

    I take my commitment to ongoing CPD seriously, which has meant looking for opportunities beyond my main sport (cricket).

    Some of the sportscoachUK courses have been excellent, but scheduling and location hasn't always been convenient.

    I have also attended one-off sessions on sports psych and S&C - not areas I profess any great knowledge of, but after the courses I at least feel able to express an opinion and point someone in the right direction.

    There are CPD courses for level 2 cricket coaches (so-called "community" coaches in ECB CA parlance), but they still seem to be running in pilot mode.  I have attended workshops for all 6 modules, but I don't think they have been offered that widely, yet.

    It is certainy true that all of the CPD in the world won't make you a better coach if you don't put what you learn into practice and get on with coaching.  On the other hand, if you continue to coach in the same old way, without taking on new ideas (take no CPD at all), I can't imagine how you could claim to be providing the best service to the players who you are coaching.


  • RachelWhyatt

    Hi Dave - yes, indeed I was told initially that the online recertification was not valid as they didn't allow any online course.  Its a shame that Sports Coach UK have produced something they feel is sufficient as a recertification, yet NGBs don't - that was my argument. Fortunately they do now - altho it was only in an email. Will wait for the official protocols before I believe it!

    It is cheaper and more accessible - we are all volunteers so anything that makes our life easier has got to be good!!! laughing


  • RachelWhyatt

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Andrew, the FA I expected would be really helpful with CPD and encouraging coaches to participate in these courses. In fact visiting CSP websites, there are loads of FA courses. 

    Do you feel like in football they care about the quality of coaching and providing you with tools for you to develop your players (as opposed to cricket)?  What happens if you don't fulfill the requirements?  Are you not allowed to register until you do?

    The EIHA is the same - Sports Coach UK, internal EIHA courses, IIHF (international) courses are all acceptable, anything else, you need to find out if it is.  I did a Sports Psychology course online that took me ages - nope, not allowed. I did it for me at the end of the day.

    I know you are very keen on your personal development, which is great and I totally agree with your comments on CPD. I like the fact the EIHA push us to do CPD (once every 3 years is hardly onerous) This year is the first year in a while there are summer courses on offer - in net-minding (goalie), bench management and checking - my point being it should only be a requirement, if they can help us to fulfill it. On paper, I must look amazing!! Sadly I'm not that great haha!!

    The courses though are fantastic for networking and sharing stories, but you will only get quality players from quality coaches... and coaches who think they know it all and don't ask for help absolutely frustrate me.

    Can you please send me details of the "self-relection" questionnaire - I'd love to see it.

    Thanks again for your comments, its really great to hear from someone who is passionate about their CPD.



  • David_T

    Hi Rachel,

    That's good news - i've sent all NGB Lead Welfare Officers a free trial of the new renewal eLearning so they can access it and most importantly feel comfortable with this new appraoch.  Results so far seem promising.


    Best wishes


  • ArthurH

    Archery (AGB). Post the Coach Training requirements are:

    Maintain DBS status, requires completing a course every 3 years.

    Complete CPD to improve knowledge and skills. A matrix is published giving a variety of activities. Each awards a specific number of points. 

    The accumulation of points are required for renewal every 3 years. At L1 no points are required unless the Coach intends to upgrade to L2, however it is expected that all Coaches will do some CPD and 10 points in 3 years was suggested. L2 requires 15 points, L3 25 points etc.

    Activities include specific courses, working regularly with higher level Coaches, Coach Conferences, UKCC courses, 1st Aid (not required but recomended) for example. Child & Vulnerable Adult protection is a requirement so does not give CPD points.

    Some Local Councils offer Coach Education courses as do other sporting bodies. My Council has offered eg 1st Aid, Child Protection, Sports Psychology (introduction), Nutrition and Performance Analysis this season, all at a modest cost.

    All of the above will be supported by an individual portfolio of Coaching activities. 

    Most activities involve a cost. Planning and Reviewing will suggest which activities to pursue.

    Do I think all this is necessary? Absolutely! There may be niggles over what activities to include/exclude and/or value of points to be awarded but if one embarks on the Coaching journey each step should be a learning experience whether the coach wishes to study & develop areas of interest, knowledge, skills or for the next Level. We owe that to our fellow sports persons.

  • Maureen

    Hi Arthur, Just completed yet another 3 year renewal for archeryGB. Luckily I always find I have far more points than required at the end of three years. Its a shame we cannot bank surplus points, incase we have a bad year. We had no regional conference this year and two years back I was doing a course on the weekend of the conference, two sets of points gone west!!

    I'm surprised to see how many sports don't need to renew their coaching qualification. Things change so fast these days , we have to keep up to date.

    Courses with real tutors and participants, are by far the best.You learn as much from the others on the course, as you do from the tutors. It's very interesting to see how other sports deal with things. We do seem to be well ahead of the game with ArcheryGB.

  • DenzilS

    Living in West Cornwall it can be hard to find suitable CPD opportunities. Within archery itself there have been more opportunities in the last couple of yeras as a very good county coaching organiser took on the role for a while, but there is very little that is more generic. There are regular SCUK child protection courses on offer locally, but not much more.

    I agree that face to face sessions are the best way to get hands on and learn stuff. Personally, there are a number of general areas I'd like to learn more about, but there is nothing available nearby, at least not that can be done by someone who works full time. Before anyone says I just need to travel a bit further, it takes an hour and a half to get to Plymouth from where I live, never mind anywhere more central smile.

    Do other areas have the same problem? Anybody in Pembrokeshire, or Norflok, for example?

  • ArthurH

    Dydh da Denzil. I would guess this is a problem in various parts of the country as well as in different sports,  not just archery.  Not all sports have a programme of localized CPD opportunities and much depends on your level, what you have identified as personally necessary and what you aspire to.  Have you discussed the problem with your CCO and/or RCO?  Do other Coaches in your area have the same problem?  There may be some mileage in joining forces. 

    Opportunities may include other sports if they are running something in your locality, while some technical aspects will be specific coaching technique is transferable, local Council courses if any and online courses.  Reading appropriate books has been included in the CPD Matrix although magazine articles etc are not yet recognised.  

    Perhaps there is a need for distance learning to be developed as well as exploring webinars etc.  You would be welcome at our own monthly meetings but I fear that this would be somewhat further to travel than Penzance.  Keep us posted.

  • IanMahoney


             There is no sipulation on how many CPD points on how many courses you should attend. It is largely dependant on how much coaching you do.

    It is worth registering with the govering body on whatever sport coached and ask for suitable courses to be sent to you, Some may not be close and you wait until a course comes towards you.

    SPORTSCOACHUK   also provide many courses and delgates come from all sports, some wil be an ocassonal coach to some who may work with upto 9 groups.

    As we all know, talking to coaches from different sports can give is valuable ideas on how to develop or coaching and sessions.

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