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Do you keep up to date with your CPD? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Do you keep up to date with your CPD?

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  • pippaglen

    I have spent most of this week on training courses for my job, the courses have been very valuable for both my job as a support worker with the homeless and for my coaching.  In fact a good cross over.  

    The first course talked about effective reporting and record keeping, how this would help with coaching and how could this help my athlete's.  Well actually the course really helped.   I'm not very good at putting words down or know what all that jargon means and using big words,  however I'm good at verbal communication as well as  show and tell.  The course showed me why it’s important to keep records whether it's training records of athlete’s progress, safeguarding and protecting athletes, first aid given etc. At the end of the course I realised it’s a paper trail that at some point in my career could help me.  Look at the Hillsborough case, paper trail of information which has helped courts and coroner's put the jigsaw together and get those results.  

    The second course was about self-harming, what is self-harm?  There are so many forms of self harm that many don't even see as a problem.  Take for instance cutting one’s self to inflict pain to release anger.  Not eating due to wanting to be skinny, over training, taking drugs to enhance performance these are all forms of self harm.  How many coaches know or have experienced this, have you recorded this to cover yourself left a paper trail? 

    The last course professional boundaries.  Again this course made me realise how close you are to athletes especially when you work on a day to day basis. 

    Have you got boundaries? 

    How are your boundaries implemented?

    Have you had or experienced professional boundary problems in the past? 

    How did you deal with this?  

    Did you document, leave a paper trail? 

    Are you safeguarding yourself? 

    3 excellent courses. If you haven't done any maybe its time to discover these courses?


  • JonWoodward74

    Interesting post Emma

    It got me thinking around the impact of CPD, and it is only useful if you can apply it to your coaching to make a difference. I like to find impact in my coaching from lots of areas that are often non coaching specific - but i can apply learning and concepts to improve my impact.

    CPD is undervalued but also viewed as a hassle or a distraction. It is, or should be, a personal choice of making yourself better at what you do...

  • pippaglen

    Hi Jon Thanks for your comment.  I'm a very inquisitive  individual and finding out what drives coaches to take further steps into the coaching work.  

    When I first started coaching I can honestly say that I wasn't a cpd geek and used to play the same old game's,  I soon realised that not just the athlete's but I too got rather bored of the same old game's.  This is when I started to learn and take note's.  Now I'm a cpd geek probably like the majority of coaches.  

    The course I did last week were formy job however when looking closely are what I was learning realised how much of what I'm  doing applys for coaches.  Professional boundaries,  effecting writing and reporting ,  self harming.  

    Now I'm more aware of self harming, eg taking drugs,  not Eating,  physical harming ,  over training.  What to look out for.   How I can write and report effectively.  Nowing what my boundaries are not just looking after my athlete's but also protecting myself looking at walfare safety.  Where to draw the line.  

    I feel a little bit of information goes along way.  😃

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