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Sin-bins at professional, youth and amateur level. What are your views on this news? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

Sin-bins at professional, youth and amateur level. What are your views on this news?

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  • robertkmaaye

    Footballs lawmaking body Ifab is looking at implementing sin-bins for yellow-card offences.

    If approved the article on the BBC Sport website says, 'sin-bins will come in at youth and amateur levels and could be introduced to the professional game within two to three years.' with 'the move  intended to help the development of the game at lower levels, "by promoting and encouraging more people to take part"'

    What does everyone think of this news? Good idea?

  • cyclingcoach

    Having played rugby union as a youth/young adult I am constantly baffled by the attitude of players and managers (and parents) to match officials. I'd support this fully and the sooner the better at all levels. 

  • WillMbanga

    As a school master/coach with a negative (personal) perception of Football in terms of the culture around it rather than the game, I welcome this move as something positive. While I think it would be great for the community/grassroots game, I suspect a top down approach might be a better method of rolling this out, with 'role models' either exhibiting the appropriate behaviour/being publicly sanctioned. Good to see Football FINALLY waking up & cleaning their house.

  • Miket

    Hockey has had a 3 card system for some years and recently made the green card a 2 minute penalty suspension. Not only does it give the offender the chance to cool down it also puts extra pressure on his/her team mates. As an umpire I find this very useful to calm incidents down and to highlight offences when warnings were not heeded, it also cuts down on a lot of the back-chat. Further punishments of 5 minutes minimum (yellow card) dependant on severity of offences and permanent dismissal for a red card are also available.

    I think football can learn from a minority sport and begin to clamp down on overpaid sports stars who set the wrong example for younger players, whose antics can be experienced in all sports.

  • Wendyrussell

    I have introduce a "sin-bin" system for my  older junior players. They have to collect stray hockey balls and/or come and talk to me whilst the game is going on. We discuss how what they have said or done is not appropriate. As at this level they also need to understand why. 

  • CoachMackay

    I think the problem is respect. This has to be earned do they respect sport the athlete and officials who are within the sport? One bad tackle can cost a players livelihood yet they are told by coaches/managers to stop that person at any cost. Where is the respect? Or is it lost in pay packets. So are we looking in the wrong place?


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