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When things just dont go your way | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

When things just dont go your way

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  • pippaglen

    When training session just doesn't go your athletes way.  Whilst coaching disability athletics with one of my regular athletes we was experiencing a rather bad training session which was impacting on his performance as well as his mental health states, at the end of the training session both myself and the athlete was deflated this in turned made me reflect on the way I was coaching and actually doubting my coaching experience. Both the athlete and myself had laughed about the training session and realised it was just one of those off days and to learn not to doubt oneself and to use the training session as another bad experience as well as a learning experience.

    • Have you experienced a time where athletes training session just hasn't gone to plan?
    • What advice would you give your athletes that was having a bad training day?
    • How would you reflected on the training session.
    • Have you been deflated or ever doubted your coaching.
  • IanMahoney

    Many times training sessions have never turned out like planned, We are humans and there are 1001 reasons can cause a 'flat' athlete.

    I would use the feel. felt, found approach, I know how toy feel, I;ve that way sometimes in training nut found some sessions I ran cap bur stuck with the training and had successful races.

    What was the weather like? had the athlete had a hard day at work/school. Was there any injury to the athlete?

    I might might feel deflated, but ever question my coaching when any other athletes in the group are improving or maintaining.

    If it continued to happen I would ask a higher qualified coach to ***** me, Someone looking in from the outside always cam point out what I can change to improve.

    Never feel afraid to ask for help if bad sessions continue. Many coaches won't and deny the athlete of reaching their  full potential

  • robertepetersen

    First of all, I agree that you need to know the student well.  Not all respond to the same messages.  However, here are a few of the things I turn to:

    • My grandmother once told me that a friend realized that "Just because you make an ass of yourself, the true friend knows it's not a permanent condition.".  The friend (or coach) realizes that learning is not straight line, it's a process of ups and downs. This session was one of the downs.  It's not "you can't", but that this one time, you didn't.
    • Yogi Berra once said, "Slump, I ain't in no slump, I'm just not hitting well."  I try to avoid the label "Slump".  Don't want my student to identify with the label "Slump".  
    •  Accept what happened.  Excuses are self-defeating.  I went to a trap competition last weekend.  It was very windy and gusty, cold, and we had to wait around a lot.  I did sort of OK.  It was tempting to blame the weather.  But when I tried to do that once, years ago, "Nobody could shoot well in that kind of wind."  Coach replied, "Nobody?"  In fact, several had out shot me.  By blaming the weather, I also tell myself that the next time I encounter severe weather, I will also fail. Nah.  Maybe the compromise is, "I haven't mastered shooting in the wind ... yet."

    I'll be curious to see what strategies others use.

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