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How do you build rapport/a connection with your participants? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

How do you build rapport/a connection with your participants?

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  • robertkmaaye

    This video always pops up on my twitter feed of a coach who has different handshake for each of his players.

    I also came across this video recently...

    I was just wondering how does everyone else build a rapport/connection with your participants? Anyone take the different handshake approach?!

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Building rapport should start with and keep using the basics of being with people. Use peoples names, be curious about their lives, talk to them about what they're interested in and what they want to 'get out of their experience', smile, be respectful, use your manners, say goodbye warmly. Share a little bit out yourself. A coaching relationship is two way and for the benefit of both people. 

  • Coach_Browning

    Be honest. Be you. Be consistent

    There is so much stuff being written about how to coach and how to behave that there is the trap that you might start trying to be all of the models that are held up. However, they are not you - you are you. 

    That is not to say dont try to learn from them, but at the same time dont try to be something you are not as you will come off as fake and will not inspire trust. 

    If you are open and honest and display these characteristics consistently then you will build that rapport. Players will learn what to expect from you, and begin to understand you just as much as you start to understand them.

    And this would be my final point. Building rapport with players/participants is just as much about them learning about you as it is about you learning about them. While, finding out about them is important, as it helps you to understand them better, they are trying to do the same to you.

  • bencstorey

    I've started writing (on the session plans) the names of the kids in my lane (swimming) and the colour of their swim caps / suits, so I can refer to them by name. I often have different kids every week so I'm struggle to remember all their names otherwise.

  • Iain

    Rapport. I always try and get to the person who is the player. I communucate regularly with them so that it is clear and transparent which allows dor 2 way honesty. Always interedt in What their interests are and what generally is going on in their life outside Rugby. What makes them tick. We shake hands everyday at the academy as I think it is not hard to be courteous and interested genuinely a nice trait in today's current climate. Can tell even a bit on that if you are going to have a productive day with them. When coaching and reflecting with them the language I use is collective promoting our togetherness.

  • robertkmaaye

    Over the weekend I was reading about what the Saracens rugby coaching staff do to create connection. They use conversation cubes in training where a set of dice are rolled bringing up a question to spark debate and create connection between team-mates. Quite good I thought!

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