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Posted in: General

Interviewing Coaches

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  • Richardsl

    Over the coming months I will be interviewing a number of coaches from a range of backgrounds. 


    Apart from the usual questions of "how did you get into coaching?" and "what’s your favorite drill?" it would be great to hear your thoughts on what questions I/we should be asking coaches when interviewing them. 

    So, what would your top three questions be when interviewing a coach?


    Who knows it might even prove to be a nice reflective tool! 

  • PaulT

    What do you find most challenging as a coach?

    Whats the best/worst thing that has happened to you as a coach?

    What do you think will change in coaching over the next five years?

    Topical questions like 'The interest in (?????) seems to be growing/waning. Why do you think that is?'


  • robertkmaaye

    Hi Louis it depends what your main objective is for the interview. If it’s to help coaches reading/listening/watching the end result to improve then what about these 3?

    1. What are your top 3 tips for coaches?
    2. How would you handle (insert topical issue)?
    3. How would you advise your younger self? (we have asked this one before)
  • pippaglen

    Hi Louise. 

    Do you think Cpd is important in coaching

    Are you a coaching centered coach or athlete centered coach.?

    What do you enjoy most about coaching and  why?

    How do you think you could improve as a coach in what area's. 

    Just a few questions I've been asked in the past. 

  • LizBurkinshaw

    How many other coaches have they developed or recruited to support their sport/club or session? What advice would they give for other coaches trying to do this? 

  • cchapman

    What was the biggest influence on your coaching and why?

    Who was the biggest influence on your coaching and why?

    What do you think was the 'turning point' in making you the coach you are today?

    How do you athletes influence what you do? Intended to be open ended, will be a nice surprise whatever comes back :-)

  • JohnMC

    Hi Louis

    Here's a selection of reflective interview questions:

    When you first started coaching where did you think the journey would take you? or Did you have a plan beyond the first day?

    Has your coaching journey matched what you thought?

    If you could go back and start your coaching again what would you change?

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