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26.2 Miles is it worth the pain. | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

26.2 Miles is it worth the pain.

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  • pippaglen

    My dream when I was younger was to one day run the London Marathon I decided 5 years ago to give myself 2 years of training to get myself fit and happy that I could complete the London Marathon not for time but to say that I had actually taken part. Training was good throughout apart from 10 months into training I dislocated 3 toes falling into a small hole this was soon sorted and was back up and running again. 6 weeks before the Marathon I was happy to get my numbers, tag and detail to allow me to take part, my longest run was 24 miles my aim to get further before the Marathon but became very ill and had a massive asthma attack 6 miles away from home in the middle of know where a really good job my best friend was with me. I was advised by my GP not to take part in the race and to just rest. I felt like I had let everyone down, the charity I was running for, my world had fallen apart and all the training I had done the sponsorship I had raised I was absolutely gutted.  The day of the marathon I sat and watched with tearful eyes at the fact I wasn't able to compete my dream of running the London Marathon all my club friends were competing, I had paid over £250 for the bus and hotel not including £100 cost to enter. I now get very anxious to even go on a long run anymore due to my past experience. 

    Yesterday I was in and out of the house watching parts of the Marathon and saw David Wyeth 200m away from the finish line stumbling along and listening to the reporter stating that if he had medical assistant then his time wouldn't have counted wow I never knew this.  For me taking part was all that mattered not a time my health was also important hence the reason I didn't take part. 

    From Experience there is so much stress  of having to mentally prepare your self for the training, the change in diet especially if its your first marathon, the stress of raising money for the chosen charity and actually getting to the marathon. 

    • I gave myself 2 years to train for the London Marathon so I knew that I would be ready, I know some people only give themselves 6 to 8 months of training or only train up to  15 miles and then complete the rest on the day of the marathon. do you think that when running any marathon for the first time runners should train up to a certain distance 20/24 miles before entering or have at least run a set amount of half Marathons. 
    • I felt pressured into trying to raise a certain amount of money for the charity I was running for. Do you think there should be a limit on how much you are require to raise for the charity or do you think what you raise is better than nothing at all?
    • Do you think Charities should be vetting / giving medical checks before competing a marathon. A certificate of good health from GP
    • If you receive medical treatment before the finish line and your time didn't count, how would this make you feel if you was competing for a time.
    • What's more important to you!  Running for a time or the fact you had completed a marathon. 
  • Hi Emma, I really enjoyed running your post regarding marathon training and yes, for some people 26.2miles is worth the pain - however its not worth putting it ahead of your health and well-being either!

    I have taken part in many marathons, (completing the VMLM twice) and have also been unable to start others due to injury or illness. Pulling out from starting a marathon after many months of training due to illness or injury is hard and very disappointing but it is the right thing to do  - there is always another marathon to take part in at a later date when you are fully fit and well again. Don't be too hard on yourself as it is a courageous decision to accept that you have to drop out due to illness or injury - it's an even harder  decision when you have had family, friends and work colleagues, etc sponsor you too. But it is still the right decision!

    I have run for a charity of 4 occasions but fortunately didn't have the pressure of a minimum amount or 'golden bond' to raise. It's a big pressure for someone to raise a minimum of £2000-3000 for a VMLM place. My own personal experience is that the charity I ran for saw me as a 'cash cow' and kept wanting me to sign up for other events to keep raising money. I couldn't expect to keep asking for sponsorship/donation and said this back to the charity. Their response to this was suggesting that I consider setting up a direct debit so that I make a personal monthly donation instead............

    I have run marathons for a specific time but my ultimate objective is always to finish - and to (hopefully) enjoy the experience too!         

  • pippaglen

    Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for your response.

    Fantastic to hear that you have raised so much money,  31 years of running and still wondering if I should be hanging my running shoes up once and for all, my feet are saying yes but my heart and mind are saying no.  

    I have spent 4 years working for a charity organisation working with the homeless working very long hours and shift work I was missing my children and not seeing them for 2 weeks at a time . My partner and I decided that I should leave my job and go and work with him running our MOT business which is what I have since done however since leaving my job I now get messages from the company I worked for asking me to set up a direct debit and make monthly donations, as I already take part in voluntary work with charity I feel I don't need to make monthly payments as I feel my voluntary time is far more precious than a donation. I have had to ignore these messages as I feel I have done my fair share of helping. 

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