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Posted in: General

Introduce coached swim sessions

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  • Mimi

    Ok first real question.

    I have recently qualified as Level 1 and we are starting to introduce weekly coached sessions. The club used to swim together once a week and someone provided swim sets.
    Most of them have centre membership. I dont swim in this centre and have no membership.
    The Club would like me to pay 1/2 the yearly swim membership fee £75.00 to coach (I dont and wont swim in this centre) they will pay the other £75 by fundraising.
    The coached sessions are free and they are relucatant to start charging memerbs because as far as they are concerned they have swam with swim sets for 'free' for two years and it would not be fair to start charging members. They also saif if we start charging then the swim session should be a different day than the regular club swim session has been going for the last two years. I 'fear' that by doing this we are splitting the club with the faster established members carrying on swimming on their own so not supporting the coached session and contributing to the growth and also not being inclusinve - and I ll be left training only less able / slower swimmers so wont develpp my coaching on a broader spectrum of athletes level.

    Any thoughts / advice on this matter please?

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Hi Mimi

    Firstly congratulations on your level 1 qualification! 

    Im thinking that you need to know whether you are wanting to provide coaching in this club to improve existing members swimming performance or if it is about increasing the membership of the club. If it is about providing coaching to increase the membership of the club then consider what type of members you are trying to attract. If they were newbies to your club then a separate night for sessions might be a great idea. They might want a different feel to their session anyway...

    I've never heard of a coach having to pay membership to a club to be a coach , so that's a new one for me ;) 

    ps - I think coaching 'less able/slower' swimmers is a great opportunity to learn and develop in your coaching craft. To engage, motivate and develop these swimmers with their personal goals is an area of expertise in its own. 

  • LawrieOK

    Are they paying you to coach?

    Did the previous 'someone' pay to provide swim sets? Seems odd to have the coach "pay to coach"! Every Club I have ever coached at, provided the venue and made me a member automatically. I would think the Swim Club needs to rethink why they want a coach, and they should absorb the cost charged by the Centre or get the Centre to waive it for your time investment; having a coach will attract more swimmers in the medium term.

    Good Luck with your new endeavours Mimi.

  • Mimi

    Thanks for both your replies.

    This is not a Swim Club.

    We use our local leisure centre to do our Swim session.

    Unitl before I qualified there were a couple of members (not coaches) who supplied swim sets - on of them being a fast swimmer adviced on improvements.

    They are both members of the Leisure Centre so dont pay fo swim.

    I am the fist coach at the Tri Club and am 'taking over' the official Swim session by making it a coached session.

    I am not a member of the Leisure Centre and do not use this centre. Thus to coach there I need to pay the daily entry swim fee or get a monthly/yearly swim membership which works out much cheaper. £150 a year.

    The Tri Club would like me to pay half of this.

    With regards to the coaching, as I have been explained during the Level 1 training course is that usually where there is already a Head Coach, it is more sensible to puit the 'newbie' coach with more experienced swimmers than total beginners. Of course you understand that this is because is much harder for a newbie to coach a lot of people that need a lot correction/improvement, rather than the other way round.

    I would like the Club Coached swim session to be inclusive for all and those who think that they are too good and dont need me can go another day.. IMO...

  • Mimi

    No I am not getting paid to coach and dont expect to.

  • KateO
    Hi Mimi So am I right in thinking you will have to basically pay the membership fee (or half) to get on poolside to coach? If so, that sounds a bit odd, can you arrange a meeting with your Tri club and the leisure centre in question to go through the other options? As Emma said, there is no issue in taking groups of beginners as a new coach, it is really good experience. Sometimes beginners are less intimidating to coach whilst you earn you stripes than a group of highly accomplished swimmers!
  • KateO
    PS as a level one, do you have a L2 coach on poolside with you for guidance, as this is really how it should work?
  • KateO
    PS as a level one, do you have a L2 coach on poolside with you for guidance, as this is really how it should work.
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