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Posted in: General

Mentoring a younger you

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  • Coach_Browning

    If you had the chance to go back in time, to when you were just staring out on your first coaching role...what advice would you give yourself?

  • StevieP

    Simon, just a few reflective thoughts from me

    Learn as much as you can as often as you can. Find a mentor to guide you. Don't be afraid to take risks, that's how you learn. Listen to the best coaches in their field (not just your own field) and as Nike would say - go and get stuck in - Just Do It (there are other sportswear brands available!!)

  • To trust what I already knew from past competitive experiences

    To trust in my ability to relay information to others

    Keep learning! Everyday is a school day after all ...

    And to ignore people who were negative about me coming into a coaching role - spend less time worrying about that and more time on personal development!

  • CoachFeedback

    In no particular order:

     - STOP, BREATHE, THINK. (Take a Step back & have a real look & think about what you are doing)

    - Sport is a PEOPLE related field. Coaching even more so. Good Coaches Coach Sport. Great Coaches Coach People.

    - Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Trust Yourself & Back Yourself.

    - Continue to be Progressive - Try, Review, Reflect & Learn.

    - Don't live in the past, Live in the Now with an eye on the future.

    - Information is everywhere. Source it, Find it & use the bits that will have a positive effect on you & your teams needs.

    - Gaining experience, having an effective Mentor & learning from other coaches are key ingredients in continually shaping your coaching. Learning from coaches in other sports is a great way to look at things from an alternative angle.

    - Be Passionate, Dedicated & Resilient & you'll have the foundation to build a succesful coaching career from.

  • Brett

    Great question and great responses so far too...

    I'd have to say learn as much as possible and from further afield. When I started coaching more seriously, I was at University studying Sports Science (specialising in Skill Acq and Coaching) and playing to a high level so must have assumed I was well placed to improve quickly. And I probably was but there's always more to learn than within the 4 walls you find yourself.

    Since then I've learnt a lot from other sources, which really influence my coaching and I still pursue those learning opportunities.

    Finding a good mentor would be another piece of advise I'd give the younger me. I had lot's of great people around me but finding one to guide, encourage and push me may have accelerated that learning and performance as a coach further.

    Lastly, ensure the sessions are challenging and importantly enjoyable. I'm finding more and more whatever level it is I'm coaching at these are the two variables that dictate the quality of the session.

  • JonWoodward74

    In no particular order:

    - Self Praise is no Reccomendation

    - Learning is the key to everything - and learning can be found everywhere and in the strangest of places

    - Be formal and informal in your learning

    - Posting session plans doesn't make you are a great coach - it makes you a great poster of session plans

    - You are not just coaching players, you are coaching people

    - Ask questions

    - Challenge concepts

    - Don't be afraid to be different

    - There will be good and bad times - but those good times will outweigh the bad

    - Don't forget the people who started you off on your journey, and those made and make a difference to you


    A great post and helps to inspire reflection!

  • tonylibert

    Patience Iago,patience.

    This above all else, to thine ownself be true

    Though she be but little she is fierce

    Love all, trust few ,and do no one harm

    ps. Have fun

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