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The Most Overlooked Gym Equipment | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

The Most Overlooked Gym Equipment

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  • Hey Guys,

    This is a bit of a random one, but could be quite a refreshing topic for people to air their frustrations concerning the gym environment.

    As the end of the academic year is coming and I'll be moving back home from uni halls in a couple of weeks, it's time for me to start thinking about which gym I'll be joining for the summer for personal use. While going through my options, I found one common factor that consistently didn't match my preferences... No Step-Up Box!

    Through my time as a sprinter, every single coach or teacher who has had a hand in my training loved to incorporate step-up exercises, maybe just coincidence but I'm sure through talking to other coaches it's quite a popular tool to use and I do enjoy using them with my athletes too. This got me thinking, it would be interesting to find out where gyms and fitness facilities let down other coaches, so what I'd like to know...

    Which one piece of gym equipment always seems to be missing from the gym environments around you and why do you miss that equipment?

    If your gym has everything you need you can still get involved by letting us all know any other big issues you have with gyms from a coach/sport perspective.

    Jonathan Benjamin

    Birchfield Harriers - Athletics Coach

    Newman University - Sports Student

  • IanMahoney

    a stepup box maybe not necessary at a gym. Nearly all the car parks have parking bays and kerbs, Lust a few steo ups onto kerbs or up stairs at the venue (or at home (no gym membership fee needed!)) in the street (if you don't have stairs) can provide what you want.

    An athlete where my Sister used to lve used to run up and down 12 flights ot stairs or just one flight with excemptioal quick steps, similar to the rope ladder excecise.

    Gym equipment may not be the best exercises to do, Most exercises you are either sitting or laying, Unless you are a wheelchair athlete, whan are you ever pkaying your paricukar sport, sitting or laying??

  • Hi Ian,

    While I agree and I do believe it to be important to use what is around us before forking out for a gym membership - I still believe fundamental pieces of equipment are missing from the average gym such as step up boxes.

    As a weightless alternative, things like stairs and kerbs are acceptable, I agree, but, 1... It is rare to find a singular step with a height of what I have in mind when I picture a step-up box (1/2-full knee height). 2... It is rare a gym will allow the equipment out of the facility. 3... In a sport like mine (sprinting) where it is all about force output, it is important to include exercises like step-ups and similar variations to train sport-specific power application into training plans including gym sessions.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion, it's definitely food for thought!

    Jonathan Benjamin

    Birchfield Harriers - Athletics Coach

    Newman University - Sports Student

  • IanMahoney

    How about writing to the partucular or several gyms stating that without a step-up board you might find that gym is not fit for purpose for what you want and may have to get a membership elsewhere.

    I may have been lucjky but the gym at the copper box in the olympic park didn't have benches for free weights. Now thay have two.

    With any instituation constructive critism or an idea of a way of improving their service works!

    Don't belive me??  try it and see what happens!

  • Hi Ian,

    Never really thought about contacting a gym, that's an interesting thought I'm excited to try out.

    I'm guessing a lot of gyms won't be prepared to listen to one voice in the crowd but I know it's always good to get the ball rolling and to ask!

    Thanks for the interesting input, it's appreciated.

    Jonathan Benjamin

    Birchfield Harriers - Athletics Coach

    Newman University - Sports Student

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