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Use of emotional video messages from family, good idea? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

Use of emotional video messages from family, good idea?

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  • jturner83

    I noticed this manager using video messages from family and friends to try and get his players through the last match to avoid relegation. I was in two minds about it.. adding emotional pressure on top of an already highly pressured match... risky?

    Video Link (Click)

  • katiedray

    This is a really interesting video! It my opinion that you need to have a good understanding of your players before using a strategy like this. This might be a useful strategy for some, but not for others who are perhaps inexperienced at controlling or harnessing specific emotions to positively influence performance. Im in the process of writing a paper about how coaches use emotion in the coaching process, both their own and the emotions of their players and the situations where they find this to be successful are usually when they have a good understanding of how the player/s will react. Interesting stuff! 

  • jturner83

    Hello Katie,

    Are you going to try and publish your study, it is something I would be interested in reading. From what I understand, the team were 2-1 down with 10 minutes to go but won 3-2 in the end. It goes to show the fine line between being a success and failure as a coach, it's not for the light hearted. I think a couple of the assistant coaches were close to tears as well, I love to hear that kind of passion personally, it means a lot as a player to hear the ‘gaffa’ wear his heart on his sleeve, even if that means hearing a few things I might not want to hear as a player. It got me a little choked up and I wasn’t even playing! Secrets out, I'm a big softy.


  • katiedray

    Nothing wrong with being a big softy! I too think it can be really useful to hear the passion of a coach in the right circumstances, but for me has to be the right circumstances - no point in doing this every match right? The key here, is as you say, it struck you emotionally, choked you up a bit  - which is great if as a player you can harness that into your performance. If you can't (for example,  if you are a 10 year old kid, an adult new to this type of experience, or just a big softytongue-out), it might not be the best strategy for you and might be detrimental. Hard for a coach when you have a whole team of emotional beings to consider!!! In this case, it appears he knows his players!!!

    Yes, we will look to be publishing it. I'll give you a shout when its available! 

  • saranicolehilton

    Interesting tool to use. I studied the use of motivational video and it's effect on motivation as part of my undergrad degree. However, within my study I used the footage of the players themseleves performing well and also used positive terminology and phrases while the video was playing. This seemed to work in terms of increasing their motivation. Music was also something else added into the video. The team chose a song that meant something to them as a team and that was used as background music.

    Personally, I think it is a great tool. However, like you have mentioned I would woorry about hightening the anxiety of some individuals. What might work for some might not work for others and at times it's only trial and error and getting to know your players that will decipher what method will work best and for whom.

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