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Interviews, questioning, what are good and bad answers. | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

Interviews, questioning, what are good and bad answers.

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  • pippaglen

    Yesterday I attended a interview for a coaching job my brain not quite up 100% after having just done a 10 hr shift. I wasn't prepared for some of the questions.  

    •  what is the difference between teaching Pe and Coaching PE?  Sorry I was unable to answer. Apart from qualifications I couldn't find any differences.  
    • Tell me how you would conduct a 45 min practical session. Again I was stuck. All I wanted to do was show a session plan and show the practical side. 
    • By the end of the 1 hr 30 min interview I found myself a little deflated and frustrated with myself as I knew the answers to the questions and found myself on my 1hr 30mins journey home re interviewing myself and giving different answers. Having time to reflect. 

    • Answers please.  what is the difference between teaching and coaching.  

    How would you explain a 45 min coaching session without any session plan and not being practical.  

    Answers please guys 

  • anfy

    As a coach tutor, this is a common problem. Those who have been teachers often find it difficult to "convert" to coaching - in fact,one PE teacher of 35 years has recently failed his practical assessment at level 2 and still cannot undertsand why. I produced a slide to help explain the difference as I see it :

    In addition, I searched for definitions across the web, and came up with :

    The term ‘coaching’ means many different things to different people, but is generally about helping individuals to solve their own problems and improve their own performance.

    Teacher/instructor imparts information.
    Coach extracts information to enable bowlers to learn for themselves

    The biggest difference is that, ultimately, teaching is about the teacher and coaching is about the student.

    Both teaching and coaching are of course helping someone learn a particular skill or sharing a certain piece of knowledge, and both of them are gifts that are given to a student. Teaching however, is primarily a one way interaction. A person that knows something shows you how to do something or tells you some piece of information that they know.

    Coaching on the other had requires a cyclical, ongoing interaction. In order to coach someone, you need to first teach them something, then observe the student, and then provide feedback again. Unless all three of these interactions are taking place, it cannot be considered coaching.

  • anfy

    Your second question is about how to conduct a 45 min practical session? I think you got bogged down with the word "practical"? You can surely plan a session without actual having to do it and all they really wanted was for you to descibe the way you created a session plan?

    e.g I would assume they wanted you to say :

    (1) aims and objectives - ie what the session will be for

    (2) use of practical exercise to achieve/train in (1)

    (3) how you will measure the results

    So I assume that in the 45 minute session plan itself you would (a) discuss with person/people what you will be doing, do it, then wrap up with Q&A on what you did, with the whole session started and finished with warm-up/cool-down. 

    Is that what you think they were after?

  • pippaglen

    Thank you so much for this information, this has really opened my eyes. Great informative I will now use this to my advantage maybe next time.  Really hard when your bombarded with questions.  

  • pippaglen

    Again my brain wasn't 100% engaged,  if i had thought about it in depth and the question was asked differently I would have given a different answer. Probably the answer you have given. 

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