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Coaches will receive medals for the first time. Would you like to see more sports follow? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: High Performance Coaching

Coaches will receive medals for the first time. Would you like to see more sports follow?

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  • robertkmaaye

    For the first time ever at a World Championships, coaches will receive medals alongside their athletes. The coaches’ medal will be gifted to podium athletes, once they return from their medal ceremonies, to present to their coach or significant advisor in honour of their working relationship.

    What do you think of this news? Would you like to see more sports follow?

  • pippaglen

    I was only saying to Phil Pete 2 months ago that I think coaches like him should get recognition for the hard work they put into coaching especially when athletes he coaches achieve gold medals. Would the athlete have achieved  any medals without coaches experience, knowledge, advice, time, preparation etc. I think all sports should consider giving out medals to coaches who have enabled an athlete to progress and win a medal.  I can honestly say that I'm so proud and and honored that Phil Pete has been mentoring me for the past 2 years. Last year Phil sent me a picture from Rio holding Jo Butterfield's gold medal  I was so proud of Phil and Jo for there achievements, a few weeks ago Phil was away in Dubai with another athlete who again won silver and gold, I know this athlete had put so much time and effort into her training session and has made so much progress from when she first started out, Phil was there to support her every step of the way. 

  • IanMahoney

    More sports will follow if it is deemed a hit in athletics.

  • JoeyGPL

    Please No frown Sport has enough problems with external rewards and coaches seeking their own glory.

    Let's aim for less medals and trophies in sport and more intrinsic rewards such as the love of a game. 

  • IanMahoney

    Welcome to the 21st Century, it's money a reward driven Coaches have far too long been the unsung heroes. Our expertise is what drives the sport

  • cyclingcoach

    I'm not a fan of medals for coaches and I don't see much benefit from this either, it's not why I got into coaching. What about those who coach less elite athletes who do a great maybe even a better job but who never see anyone good enough to be a world or Olympic champion?

    Having said that I sometimes think that as a volunteer coach I deserve a medal for all the coaching I do, all the hassle I get from parents, all the extra hours planning, reflecting doing CPD etc. Then again my wife probably deserves one more than I do. 

  • As a Boccia coach with Knights Academy in Sheffield and part of the England coaching team set up we have medals presented to the BC3 players rampers in recognition of the work they do during a game. I have found this to be a very satisfactory development and welcome more of the same.

    Bob Lathbury

    Boccia England Level 2 coach

  • rogerjones

    Sport is about the players and their achievements. If my team won a trophy I would not want a medal. The knowledge that you have contributed to their success is reward enough.

  • IanMahoney

    Having reward for coaches will allow the layman public to realise the athletes just turn up and run but constantly train with a guiding support. No one is saying it is compulsory the take reward, if you don't want one, don't accept it, Simples!

  • kraichura

    I'm on the fence with this I think. Yes coaches deserve recognition and arguably the current one may have brought the success that others couldnt, but it could well be true that all of an athletes last 5 coaches helped build the athlete to the level of performance they are at today.

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