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Posted in: High Performance Coaching

Half Time, Structure and Strategies?

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  • Nollzer

    How and what do you do at half time?

    what feedback is given and how? How much?

    what technology is employed?

    Players' imput?

    Coaches role, goals and outcomes?

    nutrition and drinks?

    injury assessment?

    The use of questions?

  • Coach_Browning

    Hi Val, 

    For me it differs. I used to get about 15 minutes with players during half time. Now I am in a different format I get 2 minutes. That is it. And my fellow coach and I have to discuss both Offence and Defence.

    Things have to be really focused. I have had to learn that often many of the discussion I used to have when I had longer time were maybe not that efficient. Now I have had to really look at what is the core information I have to impart - and receive - from the players. I cant tell them everything. I just have time to tell them the absolute core.

    This will be different depending upon the game. 

    Sometimes, it is a simple case of just taking a collective breath and getting them to forget the first half and refocus. Sometimes, it is just about telling them that what they are doing is working and to keep at it. Sometimes, I might add a little tweak to what we are doing so will spend a short time (30secs) explaining what I want and then getting quick feedback from them about it. 

    But at the heart of it the idea is to give the absolute core info as succinctly as possible. Nice and focused. Not hundreds of different points, as the players need time as well to mentally refresh. If we pull them in and then start unloading loads of points on them I think it gets lost a bit.

    When I had longer, it was slightly different in that there was more engagement with the players as to what they were seeing on the field. It generally broke down to:

    1) what are players seeing (c.5mins)

    2) discuss with fellow coaches what to do about it while players get water and have a short personal time to mentally get ready again (c.5mins)

    3) come back together and discus the changes/tweaks with real time feedback from players so we were confident they understood (5mins).

    Looking back though, we were probably trying to do too much in these periods. Now, the mantra is just stay focused. 


    Hi Val

    We get roughly about 15 minutes at half time, usually there is a lead coach and an assistant and the approach of information to be given is directed by a conversation between both coaches before half time arrives.

    Players set individual targets before matches

    Usually a question and answer session exploring tactical information about opponents What formation, individual players, what are we doing well what do we need to change etc?.

    Some individual feedback may be given but mainly team

    Games are video and analysis session provided every week with two players being individually tagged

    Physio deals with injury assessments

    Diet and nutrition lectures are provided to players during season and in player booklets

    Individual and team question and answer session at end of match

    Players complete match evaluation and target setting sheets

    Watch analysis following Wednesday after Sundays match

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