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Posted in: High Performance Coaching

Your Rio high and low lights?

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  • Ralph

    The Olympics committee recognized a New Zealand and US runner for their sportsmanship during the 5000 meter race. The runners helped each other cross the finish line after falling together in the middle of their race. New Zealander Nikki Hamblin and American Abbey D’Agostino were awarded the Pierre de Coubertin award on Saturday night by the International Olympic Committee. The award epitomises the Olympic values of fair play and sportsmanship.


    “Tokyo is even more in my sights than ever now. I'm going to work even harder than ever before.”   Tom Daly

  • robertkmaaye

    Love the Olympic values high you’ve given Ralph!

    There are so many highs to choose from but for me it’s just been the general high standard of sport across the whole Olympics… Simone Biles, Adam Peaty, Michael Phelps, Jason Kenny, Laura Trott, Usain Bolt, Wayde van Niekerk…the list of athletes who delivered truly exceptional performances could go on!

    In terms of lows the whole Ryan Lochte incident was a pretty embarrassing affair! It was also a shame to see low attendances but I completely understand why that was the case.

  • I've been amazed by these Olympics and have been glued to the TV watching as many sports as possible. The lows for me: the Ryan Lochte incident, I think a Brit athlete was robbed at one point and sadly seeing the many empty seats in the venue. 

    The highs though ... there have been many! Seeing low profile and relatively unreported and covered sports such as trampolining and trap shooting win medals. Watching the athleticism of Simone Biles on numerous gym apparatus was amazing and also watching the conduct of athlete's who didn't realise their olympic dreams. Their grace and humilty are great examples of sportsmanship for the younger generation of aspirational sports stars

  • Blake

    The high: Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, lying flat out on the floor after winning gold and silver in the triathlon, doing their level best to reach out and hug each other but finding it rather awkward due to exhaustion and their prone positions, but succeeding nonetheless. Two lovely down to earth lads and, being a Leeds lad myself who has followed their careers since they were nippers, it was a special moment.

    And a big thank you to our gymnasts, divers and track cyclists particularly for the multiple hours of evening entertainment. Such a shame the athletics was on in the early hours.

    Oh, and the brilliant, insightful commentary of Chris Hoy.

    The could have been a low but turned out to be a high: That bloomin' derny rider who nearly kyboshed Jason Kenny's shot at gold in the men's keirin - and kept me up past my bedtime thanks to the two interminable delays. And, no, I don't blame the cyclists. The guy was meant to speed off at the last second to prevent such a farce from happening. At least, so I've been told.

  • garylambert

    The High for me as a coach was the GB Women's Hockey team Gold...Throughout the entire games they epitomised and exuded the absolute singular drive determination and focus of a squad who were so focussed on that one podium position to the exclusion of all else. Their genuine "body on the line" performances were superb and not having watched Hockey since I left college I enjoyed the matches. Huge respect to the squad and Danny Kerry for what they did. The penalty shoot out was a real challenge, having previously researched shoot outs and overtime for a  presentation one half of my brain was telling me we were the statistical victors...the other half was an excited and emotional wreck (its nice to know that you can still feel like that as a coach!)

    Rugby in the Olympics was always going to be great for me, and watching Fiji in the men's and the Australian Ladies 7's Touch players skill level was a superb spectacle and the GB men outperformed too. Watching all the different sports in general, so many amazing performances.

    Lows: the safety in the cycling, Subjective "odd" decisions such as the Boxing. (This is the pinnacle of these athletes careers, they deserve the right to fair and open treatment) Lochte as everyone says, a completely ridiculous situation. 

    Ultimate low...being sleep deprived for two weeks and having to watch on the tv rather than being there with a cocktail in hand.

    Thankfully I will be remembering it for all the positives

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