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  • Ralph

    Blame the player or blame the game?

    An old debate but has it moved on? Are there any new thoughts?

    What’s the coaches position on this?

    Is it fair we are held up as the moral guardians of society, after all it’s only sport?

    How do you as a coach decide what is morally right and what is wrong in a sporting context?

    Gamesmanship, sledging all within the rules, yet clearly shows lack of respect for the opponent?

    Athletes and coaches are human too, is there anything really intrinsically wrong with manipulating the rules to our teams advantage?

    As long as it’s debatably within the rules and no clear rule has been broken, should we coach our athletes to get away with what they can to get the win?

  • tonylibert

    Never forfeit your integrity. Ps, ever

  • Ralph
    On 05/10/16 9:16 PM, Tony Libert said:

    your integrity

    but is it a coaching requirement to have integrity?

    and even if you have one, it's only your interpretation of what it should be, does that mean it's your responsibility to impress your integrity onto others you coach?

    is it your responsibility as a coach, to coach someone an integrity?

  • tonylibert

    Yes. We do the right thing the best we know how. No shortcuts. No cheating. No matter. It is the right way. Rules are written simply and if ambiguous the spirit is often well understood. We know that and to cross that line is not why we are here. Anyone can take a class pass a background check and say , call me coach. Some will say , if your not cheating your not trying, but I don't think that's the majority. Instead I think we want to serve others and we know that lessons are for life so we take care with our charge. 

  • Ralph
    On 07/10/16 3:58 AM, Tony Libert said:

    but I don't think that's the majority.

    You are wholly right, it’s about others, not ourselves, yet I see many coaches with egos.

    You are wholly right, it is the long game, yet quick and easy results are a mark of illusory success that many coaches choose.

    You are wholly right, it is about lesson for life, (coach the person, not the result,) yet that’s not what I see above grassroots.


    Although I wholly agree with you Tony, my experience is, you are the minority.

    It’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why, this question has 75+ views and you are the only coach that has an ethical view point, on what is the most fundermantal question in coaching.

  • tonylibert

    My friends call me pollyanna

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