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Tactics Boards: Great support or overused tool? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: High Performance Coaching

Tactics Boards: Great support or overused tool?

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  • saranicolehilton

    Hi everyone, 

    Over the past couple of years I am seeing more and more teams adopting the use of tactics boards. I myself use one at times during my sessions. However, some teams/countries are now starting to ban them from training as coaches are becoming over reliant on them and are not painting the correct pictures when on the picth.

    What are your thoughts on this? 

    Do other sports use tactics boards and if so do they work for you?

  • tonylibert

    if a tactics board is what we call a white board or dry erase board I'm in. Is that what your speaking about and if not please bring me up to speed. Thanks, Tony

  • tonylibert

    Sara,I still wonder, what is a tactics board? I'm serious I really don't know what it is.

  • tonylibert

    Looked em up and it's what we call dry erase in USA. Use them a bit more at upper levels U16 and up. For lower levels I use to ask questions. I use checkers as players and set them up in ways that look like things that happen on ice. I then ask different players to problem solve. I've had players go head to head moving a player each turn to an outcome. Of course 10 others are chirping them the whole time but it does give a good sense of what 9 yr olds are capable of. If used as a tool it is good but honestly as you hone message and style it's use diminishes. If a coach is spending the game on a whiteboard they might be over directing but they are also teaching themselves.if they are handing it off to a player to ask questions the great. Just don't smash it over your head in frustration it's too expensive.

  • pippaglen

    Hi Sara Having used tactic boards myself for basketball and other sports i have found them very useful, not only do they help players see   where they should be on court or pitch they also help players that might have learning difficulties. I'm a practical learner and find looking at the board frustrating and boring and just like to get stuck in. Then there's another set of learners that like things in writing or drawing. I think they can be over used and some tactics need to be shown practically to show the understanding of athletes. 

    Last year I was really ill lost my voice  for 4 weeks.  I wasn't allowed time off work due to no extra cover available. I had no choice but to use a tactic boards to show school children what i wanted them to do, this worked really well. I asked a couple of children to explain from my pictures and writing what i wanted the rest of the class to do in the PE lesson, sounds crazy but it worked well the whole class sat in silence listened really well and had a good pe lesson I even got a sticker from the children for being brave.  😁 All from a tactic board. 

  • tonyMaj

    I believe a Tactics Board is a useful tool to help younger players understand the space/zones of a pitch where the coach wants them to use or how for example how to overload a zone to help win quick possession - the key is to help all players visualise what the coach would like them to achieve together on a pitch.

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