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Coaching advice to a non coach | Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Posted in: All other coaching children topics

Coaching advice to a non coach

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  • Mimi


    I have been approached by a member of a local running club asking advice on coaching. Im a L2 BTF Coach.

     Last year they took on a small team from a local school to a new running event and next week he will be leading a Cross Country after school club for 10 weeks. He is looking for some coaching advice and to shadow our Tristar sessions.

    We have some concerns, this individual is not linked to BTF and does not have any coaching qualifications.

    We are quite thin on the ground and dont have the resources/time to coach an 'assistant coach' ultimately attending/shadowing sessions will lead to more involvement and questions

    This person does Triathlons but although has shown interest in the club before has never supported before or joined.

    He is a member of a local running club, supposedly he should have running coaches where he can go to?

    Would appreciate your feedback/point of view.



  • pippaglen

    Hi Rosie,  

    I'm only assuming this individual isn't a level 1 or level 2 coach!  In athletics especially with level 1 qualification a level 2 coach has to present for any training session so the coach is aware of all that is taking place and any issues rising can be dealt with.   

    What has to be considered is the individual Dbs checked as most clubs pay for this, if not they need to consider this for themselves as well as the athlete. 

    Insurance, is the individual insured to coach the athletes again for there own protection.  When becoming a qualified coach insurance come with the qualification, i personally have also taken an extra insurance out as well as uka insurance.  

    Below I have attached a copy of Uka coaching qualification this might help.

  • Mimi

    Thank you Emma, very helpful! :-)

  • pippaglen

    I think Rosie for him to get qualified, with young children there's a lot to take into consideration, am very surprised the school is allowing this to happen without the person being qualified as this would void schools insurance and also putting young children at risk as well as themselves. Maybe as a volunteer but still Dbs is still required as well as teachers being present. 

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