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The Blue Pill or the Red Pill? | UK Coaching Summit

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Posted in: General and Introductions

The Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

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  • A_G_

    Hello all,

    I'm looking forward to sharing some ideas with you on reflective learning and the role it can play in developing coaching expertise. I'll pop some video on here next week to get the ball rolling...

  • VetCoachJohn

    Thanks, Andrew - from the bookings we've had so far, this promises to be a very well-supported session. Good to see how the pre-event conversation goes.

  • A_G_

    The first of 4 videos clips that I'm posting for you to consider the impact that reflective skills can have on the development of expertise- in any domain. At the summit, I'll be sharing some ideas on the transformational power of reflective practice - in particular, story-telling- and I will draw on my experiences of working 1-1 with a number of coaches working at the top of the England Talent Pathway and GB programmes. Today, a few quick thoughts from Darren Lewis, Head Coach of the Junior Men's Indoor Volleyball squad.

  • A_G_

    It's probably worth saying that Darren and I have worked hard on raising his awareness of his emotional regulation and communication in high-stress environments such as competition. 

    He talks about the "...spiralling out of control" and he's referring to The Rabbit Hole... more about that model at the summit!

  • A_G_


    It's nice to know there may not be an echo laughing

  • A_G_

    This second video features another Volleyball coach- David goodchild who is Director of Sport at Northumbria Univeristy, Head Coach for Team Northumbria - this year's national champions and an assistant on the England programme. David has adopted a reflective diary which he mentions in this clip. David talks in the clip about "...jumping in at point 4, 5..." again, he's referring to The Rabbit Hole and I look forward to talking a little about that model at the Summit! We have also worked on 'creating a learning environment' and David has reflected deeply on whether he is making learning happen, and how he might do so...

  • A_G_

    Today, a short clip of an interview with David, a British Fencing coach. As a whole group, we have done a lot of work on using dialogue- storytelling- in reflection rather than monologue. The Fencing coaches have formed an incredibly strong reflective peer group which I confess is more robust- and impactful- than I imagined it could be.

    David also talks about the impact of his own reflections on his communication with others and his questioning strategy.

    My session at the Summit will focus on storytelling and dialogue in reflective learning and this is a good example of how it can work 'for real'.

  • A_G_

    James Williams is the subject of this final clip I'll be posting before the Summit. James has found his developing reflective practice transformational in some respects and feels that making himself the focus of interactions has created a pivotal moment in his coach development. As a coach developer, it's hard to beat hearing "My whole coaching practice...has been fundamentally turned upside down." ! I hope I can bring a flavour of the ideas we have shared together to the short workshop 3rd June in Cardiff.

  • A_G_
    On 05/05/15 1:09 PM, John Driscoll said:

    Thanks, Andrew - from the bookings we've had so far, this promises to be a very well-supported session. Good to see how the pre-event conversation goes.


    The videos in this thread provide useful context to the session: my 'guests' are right here waiting to share their thoughts so I hope to direct delegates to the page during my session if they haven't visited it by then.


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