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Disconnect between NGB's recommended coaching and Clubs/Players' requested coaching. | Coaching Adults

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Posted in: All other topics on coaching adults

Disconnect between NGB's recommended coaching and Clubs/Players' requested coaching.

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  • LawrieOK

    Two recent conversations with different Hockey Clubs Management Teams have raised my frustration levels significantly. Current recommended coaching seems to be not getting out to Clubs, so what I was advocating "player centred/game based coaching" fell on deaf ears. It seems they still want drills, cones, and autocratic coaches. Do I go back to their ways, or do I starve?

  • pippaglen

    Hi Lawrie 


    I have been in a simpler situation with athletics,  I was the only woman coach who coached under 13. I made sessions fun and exciting had between 20 and 30 athletes a night come to sessions even if I did drills I made it fun so they never really realised they were doing drills. 

    I was sat in a meeting with an older coach who told me my sessions wasn't what they wanted and that sessions was too much of a fun element they want me to run the athletes into the ground. I stuck to my guns and carried on.  Young children shouldn't be pushed to the Point of over training,  injuries,  boring drills .  Or  maybe im wrong. 

  • LynneWalker

    I totally agree with the athlete centred approach you have Emma. Any athlete of any age has to buy into the coaching they receive, otherwise they will leave (if they have that option, not always available to younger athletes). How many athletes do you know in your sport who have suffered from early burnout?

    We should stick to our principles and ensure that the athlete is at the centre of our coaching and that they enjoy the sessions - and learn from the sessions (out of their comfort zone, learning but not panicing).

  • ps.rhodes1

    Hi Lawrie, 

    Very interesting post. I tutor for EH on the GB workshops & the new Sessional Coach/Coach awards, as well as being a CCC within the singles system. 

    Your comment is very similar to the knee jerk reaction of many of our coaches, they feel like they'll be portrayed as a maverick, players won't appreciate it, fellow coaches & parents will disapprove. 

    Facilitating player development through game play is a learning curve. As a coach it is relatively simple to deliver a good session, but takes a little bit of thinking to deliver a really good session. Player progress is slower to observe in an open environment, but the improvements are real when checking progress in match play, as the development was in context. Players take a while to respond to questioning & empowerment, mainly because they've always been told what to do and never had to make decisions or shape their development. 

    Unfortunately some people can be very precious about their coaching. Some may feel that suggesting change infers they've been doing it wrong, instead of seeing an opportunity to do it better. 

    Type writters were very successful, so why develop a computer? 

    You'll find all juniors attending JRPC activities, then JDC/JAC sessions from September, will be experiencing athlete centred, question led, game rather than drill sessions, underpinned by the golden thread (the 'how') & focused around the new national development themes (the 'what'). Hopefully they will form a supportive component of player populous within your club. It might be worth getting some of your fellow coaches from your club across to your nearest JRPC this summer.

    If I can be of further assistance, please get in touch, I'm at the end of an email/phone call & may be able to get across & watch a session of you'd like.


  • Wendyrussell

    I agree with Philip. I have recently been on two JAC to JRPC session ps for the South. They enveloped the "golden thread" which came across as very player centred and using game like situations to develop the players. 

    On one of the session I was taking to a gentleman who re entry completed the first new "level 2 course" and the golden thread was being disseminated to them. However for those coaches that are not doing the new course, or involved in JAC, this information about 1-what the golden thread is 2-development of the 5 areas of the thread. 

    Maybe the aspect that needs to be looked at is how are the coaches that fall into the categories above gaining the information and more importantly the understanding of the new coaching of the "golden thread" 

  • LawrieOK

    Many thanks for taking time to add to this string. Also, a big thank you for the information and kind offer to assist.

    The Club I am currently talking to may be persuaded to look into the 'new' How and What, but until I am part of their set up I cannot be certain.They do have a Junior Section, so some of their younger members may well have been exposed to the Golden Thread this year, or will be come September.

    My previous Club has no connections to JRPC/JAC/JDC as there are no Juniors at all at present - something they will no doubt move towards in years to come.They are however the foremost developers of Goal Keepers in London, and have strong connections to EHB personnel as a result, so I expect that in due course the message will filter into their psyche.

    My natural coaching style is player centered, and my sessions rarely contain old school drills, this seems to have alienated my erstwhile employers/players,  and my mid-week training is always gamelike, so I am ahead of the curve to be honest. "A quick learner this One is!"

  • LawrieOK

    EHB are missing a trick here IMHO. It is all very well disseminating the Golden Thread, etc. at the Coaching Workshops, 2015 JRPC's, 'new' Level 2 Courses, and from September at the 2015 JAC's, but what about the hundreds of Coaches, and thousands of players that are not touched by these interventions each year; they are not even aware of the changes which have already been in place for many, many months?

    The EHB website is an obvious platform for bringing this to the attentions of Clubs, etal, AND there must be other means of raising awareness widely/speedily.

  • ps.rhodes1

    That's a very good point Lawrie. 

    I know the latest EH magazine had a significant piece on this and no doubt the next one will as well. This are sent to all EH members, which should include most coaches unless they arrange coaching insurance through a different body. 

    I have emailed the relevant person at EH regarding your suggestion. Hopefully something will be visible on the website as the coaching awards end for this year, alongside the JRPC cycle completing & players re-entering JDC/JAC. 

    Thanks again for your time,


  • CoachTaff

    Sorry I've come to this thread late looks like there have been some good points raised and hopefully have helped Lawrie. can't really add much to it as phillip has explained a lot. 


    Personally I, as with many other coaches keep up to date with the development of the game and the direction in which it’s going. I feel it’s important that all coaches make a conscious effort to keep in touch with changes to the game and I definitely believe that clubs (committee/management) should also keep themselves in the loop. The NGB should/does inform the wider hockey family of changes but sometimes the information isn’t filtered down the chain.


    I think that you're doing the right thing and should keep doing what you are doing, the club will eventually see the benefits from your coaching sessions, keeping it game based and Athlete focussed as you have been doing is definitely the right way to go even if some don't like it.

  • Strive and keep striving!

    Obviously you can not force people to change their ways or views. However player centered coach is the only real way forward in development for player and coaches alike.

    Possibly some of these people either are too scared to change, too scared to hand control to their players, and likely too scared to challenge themselves. maybe one day they see the light.

    The truth is, player centred coaching is far more dynamic, adaptive, rewarding and enjoyable for all involved. 


  • LawrieOK

    Twitter delivers again. lol

    Found this gem on my account @lpt7491 a few minutes ago. ".....players were not ready for the level of autonomy that was suddenly asked of them .....". This was my problem I now believe.


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