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Motivation and mental health problems. How can we offer support through sports. | Coaching Adults

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Posted in: All other topics on coaching adults

Motivation and mental health problems. How can we offer support through sports.

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  • pippaglen

    Having spent the past 3 months in my new job working with the homeless I'm absolutely loving the challenges of motivating both work colleagues and residents. Like most jobs it has its ups and downs however I'm managing to get residents motivated to want to take part in some form of physical activities,  when in support session I can't help but ask what physical activities do you like to take part in when not in a homeless environment?  the answer tends to be none iv got mental health problems.  My challenge now is to change the mental state of residence to motivate them enough to want to take part in some form of physical activity to help there mental health rather than use mental health as a wall of can't do attitude to I can attitude.  

    Currently our hostel 80% of residence are men and only 10% actually do some form of physical activity,  now they know I'm a sports coach they come to me for advice which is great to see.   I feel going from full time sports coach to support worker for me this is a great cross over as I'm still able to help motivate people into taking part in sports. 

    I've learnt how mental health issues can have a negative impact especially when in a homeless environment.  

    When I talk about mental health I'm talking about Adha, Add,  the effect of consuming drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and much more in both men and women

    How do you think sports can help change the mental health state of people?

    Do you know anyone with mental health problems , how do they deal with this, do they take part in physical activity to help there mental health state. 

    How have you as a coach had to deal with pupils or adults with mental health problems,  has this had an impact on the way you coach and what you coach. 

  • LizBurkinshaw

    A complex context youre coaching in Emma

    As a starter you could look at this ADHD awareness top tips factsheet from sports coach UK. ADHD and ADD are considered learning disablities rahter than a mental health condition.


    MIND have some great resources too. Lots of information about differnt conditions that mcould help with awareness.

    One on sport and Mental health is more from an individuals point of view of why to do sport. http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/tips-for-everyday-living/physical-activity-sport-and-exercise/


    MIND are looking to release some training for sports providers including coaches in the future.


  • I work in SEN  I work with adhd, add, asd, ebd and all of the other letters from the alphabet! I'm working as an LSA as I cannot get teaching hours but my main advice is to make it fun, engaging and set the example. So if you want them to play football for example you have to join in laugh, cheat having fun and it become infections and before you know it they are doing the same. I've done this for years. 

    I think people over think things keep it simple give them a choice and get involved. Lead from the front have fun smile and they will follow your example. 

    For example there are two students I work with at start of the school term couldn't stand coming to sport and after trying several different sports and me showing them how to cheat 😉Are laughing and coming up to me in the corridors quizzing me about what they are doing next week! 

    I I hope this helps

  • pippaglen

    Thank you liz for this information, I will take a good look through and hopefully will find some Ideas not jusst for myself but or my work collegues too.


  • pippaglen

    Thanks liz some great information,  I have used and now made an information pack for all staff to read and get involved.  

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