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Have you recently started coaching? How I really got started

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After playing football for most of my life I have always loved and been interested in the finer details of the game. Last year I took my first steady step into coaching. Working as I have done with two different age groups, Under 14 and Under 7, presents very different challenges to a football coach. This meant around my full time work I was planning, doing and reviewing two sessions a week. I have now taken the step and left the steady ship of full time work and now I am on what feels like a small piece of driftwood in comparison floating hopefully towards a fulfilling island (career) sometime soon.

I was lucky enough to attend one of the first English FA Level 1 courses last September, I started to get an insight into the future of English Football and how they mean to progress. This is in a way that empowers the coach, a lot of focus is on you and your way of coaching, trying to give you the ideas to create your own sessions and drills from scratch. For a coach new to the other side of the white line I think this is a great development, for coaches just looking to be qualified to coach their kid’s new passion this might prove a stumbling block. There is little in solid content but more a prod in the right direction of your own decisions for sessions. This has been good for me and a year of finding my own way and how to do this. Confidence is key to this, first thing I had to feel is that I had the knowledge to create my own drills and session plans. In the first months I used a lot of content from sources like David Clarke with "Soccer Coach Weekly" this has superb content through out to use for sessions. I have used a lot of content in the last couple of months to take ideas from and to develop understanding. I can now look at my players and adapt the sessions to suit ability, numbers, engagement and resources. I still receive the content weekly and use it to give me ideas and a starting point to adapt from. This was very important for me, I felt as though I needed a platform to start. The experience over the last year and the many detailed training sessions have given me the coaching philosophy I have been looking for. My advice for a coach starting out would be to start with a platform, find some training content that you agree with, use it with adaptions to suit your team and players, this will give you the confidence within sessions. Then try to find your own philosophy.

The Coaching Manual channel on You Tube was very helpful for me to see experienced coaches working and what they are saying to players and when they were saying it. An important lesson I have learned is when to say what you want to say, if you need everyone listening, you need to stop everyone. If it is a quick word to slightly correct an individual, pick your moment, be quick, confirm understanding and move on but keep an eye on the play to check that understanding is being put into practise. 

My Football Coaching Philosophy as I understand it now has two levels; firstly it has to be inclusive and fair, respect has to flow both ways and above all it has to be fun for the young people playing, secondly on a football development side my training relies on three pillars:

  1. Technique
  2. Focus
  3. Bravery

I will dedicate a post to the philosophy soon to explain how I got there and what it means to me.

Look forward to reading any feedback you have



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Comments (2)


Welcome to ConnectedCoaches Jake - congrats on making the 'leap of faith' and Good Luck in your new pursuit. You will find much to keep you on the straight and narrow in this Group, and plenty of support when you ask for it.

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Thanks Lawrie, Its indicative this community of coaches that allows me to trust and be honest with my own development and i hope that can help anyone a step behind (or ahead of me) in their journey.

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