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Posted in: Coaching Women

Any top tips?

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  • Coach_Browning

    Having coached primarily males aged 18-21 (Uni students) for 10 years - with a bit of Senior ball thrown in concurrently as well for a few years in the middle - I have now ventured into female coaching. 

    I am realising that while many things are the same, there are also lots of subtle differences. For example the women look for a greater understanding of what they are doing - with the Uni studnets, if you say to do something they just do it. 

    While I agree that there is no golden ticket to the 'right way' I am wondering if anyone has some general top tips from their experiences that they could share?

  • BarbAugustin

    Ric Charlesworth (coach of the australian women's hockey team 93 to 2000) said if you make a comment to a group of men, they will all think you're talking about someone else. Make the same comment to a group of women and they will all think you're talking about them! I also agree with you that women are usually more focused on correct technique. Despite all of the above,  these are generalisations and should be a starting point only - indivdualise as you get to know your players. Good luck! 

  • RunningArcher

    Hi Simon,

    Being a coach of a university archery club, I have had to deal with very different people and different abilities.

    With coaching different genders, I have found that the main difference is to help them focus on the basics (as with any beginner I coach), then work on other areas, also keeping a moderatly light humour can also help, but that is part of the atmosphere of an archery club.

    Otherwise, there are not many differences.

    Hope that helps

  • robertkmaaye

    Hi Simon

    You might find this 'Coaching Women Myth Buster' post by Sarah Milner useful.

    I look forward to reading other peoples experiences and tips!



  • Blake

    Hi Simon, interesting you should write there is no ‘golden ticket’. The article I wrote with Liam McCarthy stressed the point that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching women. You might find Liam’s research useful.. Separating fact from fiction: There are no ‘golden rules’ to coaching women. Thanks, Blake.

  • Coach_Browning

    I appear to have lost a week somewhere!!

    Anyway - thanks for posting that. When I was writing the original post it was something that popped into my head and I couldn't think where I had seen it before!

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